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We are an architectural firm based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We believe that a new vision for the future is possible, notably through the decarbonation of architecture, the development of new knowledge around regenerative resources and finally disruption and considering the new space needs of users. This ambition affects the urban space as well as workplaces, industry and the domestic sphere of the house. 

Whatever the scale (urban planning or architecture), our approach is resolutely contextual, by setting up spaces that encourage exchange, cohesion and connection with the environment in the broadest sense of the term. We work in particular on territorial projects, innovative workspaces, contemporary habitat, as well as experimental research and installations.

Constantly surrounded by specialists, they cultivate a multidisciplinary work, both with engineers and with philosophers, photographers, designers or scenographers.

Thanks to international friendships forged during various workshops, trips or conference cycles, the office has been enriched with different visions won from all over the world. Without borders or cultural boundaries, skills are exchanged, developed, shared and crystallized in the different projects.

We are a certified B Corporation since 2024, committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

The Kunik de Morsier office was founded in 2010 in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Valentin Kunik and Guillaume de Morsier.

Awards and grants
2023"Europe 40 under 40" architecture and design awards
2020Swiss Art Awards 2020 nominees
2018Future Architecture Platform “Emerging talents”
2016JAS – Young Architecture Switzerland
Completed architectural projects
2020Manufacture Audemars Piguet, Le Locle
2018Housing la Vallée de Joux, Les Esserts-de-Rive
2017Swisscom Braingym, coworking, Lausanne
2016Swisscom Digital Lab, innovation space EPFL, Lausanne
2016Temporary emergency housings, Lausanne
2015Offices heightening, Nyon
2014Housing in la Vallée de Joux, Le Pont
2012Housing in Chalet-à-Gobet, Lausanne
2012Vidéomaton, mobile installation, Lausanne
2012Kindergarten, Gland
Recent architectural competitions
2020Collective housing, Rotterdam
2020Collective housing, Neuchâtel
2019Kindergarten, Prangins
2019Huts, Pavilosta, Lituanie
2019Collective housing, Plaines-du-Loup, Lausanne
2018Green Corridor, Nyon
2018Museum laboratory, Porrentruy
2018School, Courtételle
2018School campus, Tavannes
2016Kindergarten, Belfaux
2016Stadium, Lausanne
2016Archeological museum, Genève
2016Pier Santa Monica, Water collector, California, USA
2015Public spaces, Le Locle
2015Social housings, Lausanne
2015Student housing, Genève
2014Sport hall Pestalozzi, Yverdon
2014Emergency housing for refugees, Lausanne
2014Elderly housing, Caslano
2014University Laboratories, Fribourg
2014Ecoquartier du Stand, Nyon
2014Offices heightening, Lausanne
2020Parallel Sprawl, l’étalement urbain sans préjugés, Espazium
2020Networks of the Young, Werk Bauen und Wohnen
2019Traumhafte Häuser in den Alpen, Callwey Verlag, München
2019Emergency Housings, Modulart
2018Logements temporaires Lausanne, HOCHPARTERRE
2017Maison Octopus, Afasia archzine
2017Logements temporaires, 20 janvier, Le Temps
2017Plastes, 21 février, La Tribune de Genève
2016Interview, n°1, magazine FLAT
2016Kunik de Morsier, Werk
2016Pier Santa Monica , Powering Places: Land Art Generator Initiative ( catalogue )
2016SCHWEIZHEIT, S AM Swiss Architecture Museum ( catalogue )
2016UNDERGROUNDS, Matza Amboy et Aletsch ( catalogue )
2016Thermodynamic landscapes, Matza Aletsch ( recording)
2015Cabane R., ArchDaily
2013Parallel Sprawl, magazine A3 EPFL Alumni
2013Interview, n°5, Hémisphères (HES-SO)
2019«Under The Radar», S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Bâle
2019«1000 écologies», Espace Le Commun, BAC, Geneva
2019«4x4x4», PTTH://, Lucern
2018« Matza Aletsch », Estampe, Artothèque de Suisse romande, Sion
2017« Parallel Sprawl », Architecture Forum Ostschweiz, Sankt-Gallen
2017« Plastes », Espace Le Commun, BAC, Geneva
2017« Matza - Radical Biotope », Scenography, Ferme Asile, Sion
2016« Hydrométéores », Bâtiment Acacias 76, Geneva
2016« Matza Aletsch », Aletsch Glacier
2016« SCHWEIZHEIT », S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel
2015« Matza Amboy », Amboy, California
2015« Parallel Sprawl », Architecture Faculty, Prishtina
2015« Carte Blanche », Forum d’Architecture, Lausanne
2014« Sites », Journées de la Cité, Lausanne
2014« Émergences », Architektur0.14, Zürich
2011« Paysage Suisse », Galerie La Placette, Lausanne
2011« Déambulations fragmentées », Galerie Agent Double, Geneva
2019« Filfilfil », projet de la Villa Bernasconi, Lancy
2019« Parallel Sprawl », AHRA 2019, Dundee University, Scotland
2018« Open House », Basel
2017« Parallel Sprawl », Architecture Forum Ostschweiz, Sankt-Gallen
2016« SCHWEIZHEIT », S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel
2014« Resistance-Resilience-Relevance » MAS in Urban Design, ETHZ
2014« EPFL SUB-LAB », Lausanne
2013« Parallel Sprawl », Conference SECO Energy in the Balkans, Bern
2013« Specifics », Conference ECLAS, Hambourg
2013« Forum Landschaft », Bern
2013« Journée des alternatives urbaines », Lausanne
2012« Latititude 33», International Conference on Research for Development, Bern
Academic teaching 
2018«Parallel Sprawl », Workshop and lecture, Tallinn Arhitektuuriinstituut, Lituania
2018«Parallel Sprawl », Workshop and lecture, Kosovo Architecture Festival, Kosovo
2015« Mittelmeerland », AA Visiting School, Izmir (Guest lecturer)
2013« Mittelmeerland », AA Visiting School, Alexandrie (Guest lecturer)
2012« Mittelmeerland », AA Visiting School, Alger (Guest lecturer)
2012« Capite », HEAD, Genève (Guest lecturer)
2011« Latitude 33 », EIA Fribourg (Lecturer)

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