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LThe Hôtel de la Nouvelle Couronne in Morges is one of the oldest inns in the city, built in the 16th century. Today it houses 44 rooms and it is now a question of adapting it to the constraints of contemporary hotel business. To do this, we propose to adapt the layout of the rooms, but also to radically reconfigure its distributive system and its collective programs. We imagine new relationships with the city by creating a reception area in the old vaulted cellars which, through a new system of vertical circulation, are connected to a rooftop terrace. This terrace allows the visitor to enjoy the view of the Alps and the Jura as well as the privileged view of the old town of Morges and its roofs.

This new vertical distribution articulates the collective programs such as the multipurpose room, the lounge, the conference room, the fitness and the terrace-bar. They are each arranged along the circulation, as extensions of this great vertical device.

This project also engages the contemporary hotel industry in the creation of urban biodiversity by integrating into the roof terrace and vertical patio system various structures and plant elements that increase the potential for biodiversity in terms of vegetation, insects, but also migratory birds.

The transformation also allows for a healthier climate and resource management system by increasing the potential for passive solar, adding photovoltaic and thermal solar collectors, and capturing rainwater on the roof to be used for the irrigation of plant elements located inside the patio.

Hôtel Nouvelle Couronne

In progress

Morges, VD