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TREMBLEMENT is a performative and exploratory work on the roads of Switzerland resulted from the collaboration between architects @valentinkunik @guillaumedemorsier and artist @severin_guelpa, who will be travelling across the country between September 24 and 27.⁠

From landslides to the melting of glaciers, from geothermal boreholes to highway areas, it is a question of trying to test the breath of these places, taking their raw materials and confronting the power of the forces that operate there. The exercise is sometimes methodical, technical, sometimes more performative and poetic. By induction, TREMBLEMENT responds to the desire to think about new cartography, both physical and sensitive, of the world today, of the period we are going through and the great upheavals we are witnessing.⁠ ⁠

The project also has an online form accessible through the website www.tremblement.ch.⁠
Performance vernissage⁠
Thursday, September 24 at 7:30 pm⁠
Autogrill Rastätte⁠
4133 Pratteln⁠

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