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Can construction not be extractivist? Can architecture go beyond anthropocentrism? With the resources of a given place is it possible to design a useful, solid, and beautiful space?

As part of the Chicago Biennale of Architecture, we were invited to produce a reflection on the possibility of creating a virtuous hotel room in the North 6018 art centre.

Our proposal for a room consists of exploring and prototyping a “post-human” architecture by investigating 1) ergonomics 2) ecology 3) construction. This exploration should make it possible to create a living space also for humans by meeting their physiological needs such as controlling pollutants in the air, maintaining a temperature adapted to humans and the physiological needs related to a hotel room (rest, care, shelter).

Our study of the site includes a close attention to winds, noise, humidity and the two existing constructions. It is on this basis that we form our first lines of thought to find the most suitable form to shelter a hotel room.

The only resources used in this project are the resources on site and the resources that we can grow between now and the varnishing. This encourages us to build in a certain way, to protect from the cold, to renew the air, to bring light, to allow us to sleep in an ergonomic way. These resources are very limited and must be used as meticulously as possible.

Chicago experimental hotel

Installation artistique

Chicago, IL, USA