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On a small or large scale, our relationship to the world is mediated by the air that surrounds us. It is through our skin that we feel the heat, cold, humidity and wind speed. This artistic experience creates a cool “low-tech” place in an island of heat.

“The termite mounds in the Amazon can be up to eight metres high and thirty metres in diameter on the ground. Termites are considered to be true architects of ecology, developing structures based on earth found on site and complex ventilation systems. In the same spirit, the project was carried out using only soil found on site and in a nearby building site. The covering was removed and then the excavated earth was used as the raw material for the 1500 raw earth bricks needed to build the work. ” Séverin Guelpa

The shape of the Termitière is that of a chimney. This allows for a better circulation of air and thus a constantly moving air.  For the seating, the objective is to dig into the ground to find more freshness. By radiation, the floor made of bare earth and the walls made of compressed earth return freshness to us.

The design of La Termitière is the result of a parametric study considering the sun, the wind, the slopes of the site and the desire to bring 4-6 people together.

Collaborations :  Séverin Guelpa www.guelpa.ch, TerraBloc www.terrabloc.ch,  Maulini SA www.maulini.ch et  Thomas Jundt ingénieurs civils SA www.jundt.ch .

Merci à Théâtre de l’Orangerie www.theatreorangerie.ch, Fonds mécénat SIG ww2.sig-ge.ch, Fonds municipal d’art contemporain institutions.ville-geneve.ch/fr/fmac/, Fondation privée à Genève

La Termitière

Installation artistique

Genève, VD