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As part of the Festival Foodculture Days, we are offering an almost invisible place, in the open air in mid-November, based on a formless architecture. A minimal gesture that can host a culinary event thanks to the diffusion of a simple heat source radiated by a wall. Can an element like a wall become a place and thus welcome an experience of sharing?

We studied the microclimate of the site for several weeks using a weather station. By becoming readable, the data collected from heat flows and winds make it possible to materialize a project. This analysis suggests the most favourable location of the building site. Using recovered building materials and simple techniques, we set up an architecture that is closely linked to its social, material and climatic context.

The wall intervenes by intercepting the invisible, the wind, and proposes its transformation, the very production of a formless place. An architecture is revealed and welcomes visitors in a climate that awakens the senses. The combination of the specific physics of the site, the assembly of bricks and the active force of the wood fire thus generate a place conducive to a time of exchange and meetings.

Thermal installation la becque


Vevey, VD