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Many of the architectural apparatus that surround us can be reinterpreted to suit the aspirations of our society. The roof, the wall, the window, the floor, the foundation are all architectural apparatuses that have very specific roles in architecture, yet they do not play the role we might expect them to play.

Generally speaking, they mediate with the environment and the atmosphere. However, these apparatuses are all too often monofunctional; they each perform a simple function of protection from the outside. They are like a shell and they serve to protect us; sometimes from rain, wind, predators, light, the gaze of others. The project explores the ways in which the building elements that surround us could serve many more functions and potentially host a wide variety of living beings, animals and/or plants.

During their residency at Utopiana, Guillaume de Morsier and Valentin Kunik are offering five workshops open to the public in collaboration with the team from their office Kunik de Morsier architectes. Each workshop explores an architectural apparatus (the roof, the wall, the window, the floor, the foundation) and proposes an opening towards an artefact usable in construction. The prototypes will be installed in the Utopiana house, from where the effectiveness of the proposed apparatus can be monitored. The residency involves preparation with documentary research, and 5 workshops for the fabrication of prototypes with moulding, drawing and model material. 5 online conferences with the architects of the Kunik de Morsier office accompany the practical workshops. One workshop per season is planned.


Installation artistique

Genève, VD