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The campus of the International School of Lausanne is located in the heights of Lausanne. It welcomes children from 1 to 18 years old, that is to say from kindergarten to the baccalaureate. But it is also the vibrant heart of an international community composed of the students’ families. The campus has grown piece by piece, building by building, organically but without overall planning. Today, the challenge is to imagine how the campus can continue to grow while reinforcing its qualities of welcome, protection, development, innovation, positive emotion and well-being.

The project proposes to re-articulate individual motorized transport on the site in order to create a large, central and connecting public space. It also proposes to redesign the multifunctional hall by programming it in a dense and diversified way in order to concentrate activities that are related to information, events, reception, and the extended community of the school.

The interior circulation is also redesigned to extend the learning space of the classroom beyond its walls. They are redesigned with coherent furniture to offer complementary services and uses to those inside the learning spaces.

International School Lausanne


Lausanne, VD