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This nursery project is a post-anthropocentric architecture that favours the presence of humans on earth rather than destroying it.

This proposal for a nursery is intended to be a cross-species place, where the child and the adult find their place within the great biological continuum of living beings. This project takes the form of the local climate, the shelter for insects and the passage of the wind.

The form is made to shelter living beings without any hierarchy of value. It is a place for insects, migratory animals, humans, domestic animals, and wild animals.

The main activities of the nursery are organised according to a logic of climate: based on the different activities of the child, an optimal climate (relative optimum) is projected. The same climatic conditions of light, temperature, humidity is not required for sleeping, drawing, eating or running. Architecture rather than creating a “beautiful form” creates a “climate form”; a small-scale climatically virtuous place that is favourable to the global climate.

Kindergarten Prangins


Prangins, VD