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To win the climate race, we must identify the important metrics that will allow us to build in a virtuous way. To the basic triangle of Quality, Cost, Time must now be added the parameters of Climate, Resources, Site. These must become the shape-shifters of today’s public architecture.

The Climate will inform us about the wind, the rain, the sun, the temperature and the humidity of the air (possibly the other chemical elements that compose the air). The resources, linked to a region, will generate the structure and the coverings of the architecture. And the site will define the footprint and size of the building. We do not aim at a strong form of “representation”, but rather a “weak” form We are not aiming for a strong form of “representation”, but rather a “weak” form that echoes the mutations of our time. It is thus a question of setting up a spatial and constructive device which allows the reversibility of the spatial functions in time in order to allow the building to have a certain form of freedom. To allow him to adapt to a “today” nervous, difficult and unpredictable. nervous, difficult, and unpredictable.

The main resources on site for the construction are wood, earth, some rocks and some alternative materials like mycelium, straw and agricultural by-products. We also consider the pool of reuse, recycling and circular economy possible by the proximity of the city of Aigle.

The local economic fabric is made up of a number of small to medium-sized to medium-sized companies. These are located near the Rhone. Within a radius of action of about 20 minutes by car, it is possible to go from Martigny to Vevey. The client wants to demolish the existing hospital on the site, so we propose to use the construction waste in our low-tech composition of slabs. We can thus revalue an important part of the demolition by crushing on site and reusing it.

Gymnase du Chablais


Aigles, VD