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We propose for Porrentruy, its inhabitants and visitors, a building of light, extremely permeable. An almost transparent construction but which, through the dynamics of the work openly exhibited, reveals the material of which every museum is made: a mixture of know-how, rigour and perseverance, with the randomness of discovery, the ancestral and the non-human. A place where the future is created with the past and vice versa.

Moreover, nothing has a more future than the past. In the museum’s exhibition halls, the past becomes a range of open possibilities in which visitors can project themselves. What has happened helps us to project ourselves into what will happen, what can be, what will be. This future is being built long before, based on the meticulous work of specialists, researchers, scientists and curators, just to name a few of the many professions that are converging. It is in their workplaces (laboratory, chemical room, classroom or workshops) that they reveal and interpret what the past can still tell us.

MUSEUM LAB Porrentruy


Porrentruy, JU