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Construction can act as a multiplier of perceptions; with it we can manage heat, cold, vision, acoustics, odours, etc. It acts as a mediator between the individual and his environment.

The journey begins in the village. It then follows a stream, passes through the coolness of the forest, the light and warmth of the glades and the darkness of the underbrush. This journey is followed by a sauna: an enclosed space where the air is heated to 90°C and where the humidity is only about 15%, while outside it is -2°C and 45% humidity.

Our body perceives this distortion through the skin of our body. We push the distortion even further by modifying what our eyes would like to perceive (reflections, mirrors, camera obscura, Fresnel lenses), our body touch (tree bark, pine needles, compressed earth), our ears hear (sound absorption, echo, rustling) and our nose smell (medicinal plants, smell of hot wood, damp earth).

This sauna is a fiction in the territory, it is a place where our senses are all transformed and where architecture acts as a mediator of the perception of the world, it is a multi-sensorial kaleidoscope.

Sauna des Ravines


Bruson, VS