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The resort of Verbier wants to develop its urban planning while preserving its mountain characteristics. In our project, the station highlights the flora within the street itself by revealing it. Large green flows accompany pedestrian traffic. Along the street, the inhabitants walk along, cross or traverse different ecosystems specific to the Val de Bagnes. The experience of public space becomes creative, playful and didactic. From the flora of the hillside (< 800m) to the alpine stage (< 2000m), a great biological diversity gives the street and Verbier a new image of a centre close to its environment and nature.

In this project, man is thought of as one of the species that coexist in the ecumene, not the only one, nor the top of the pyramid of values. The nature that blooms in the city then creates spaces for games, encounters and interactions. The new public space activates the resort in both summer and winter. Valuing Verbier’s image, the project (4th prize winner) thus promotes all exchanges between man and his environment.

Public space verbier


Verbier, VS