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Innovation and creativity are values that  Freshape stands for. To respond to this in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market, it is important to bring about the emergence of new spatial paradigms. It is no longer the clear separation of functions that is sought, but the opening up of silos of skills; it is not a design a priori, but an evolving system without definitive form; it is not a neutral space, but a sensitive place charged with sensation where sight, hearing, smell and touch awaken the body and mind. It is also a place with a strong identity where everyone in society can recognise themselves and find their place within the group.

Moreover, by relocating to Ecublens, Freshape does not want to lose the assets of its previous site: exchange, creativity, dynamism. These values of innovation must therefore be created by the architecture itself.

The office space has two main centres, the laboratories, and the administration. Linked to these centres, an industrial flow is created on one side and an active collaboration space is offered on the other. To open up the silos of skills, openings in the walls are organised to allow multiple interaction and exchanges between people. This emulation is central to team cohesion, mutual understanding, creativity, and the general dynamics of the company.

R&D Space Freshape

Construction site

Ecublens, VD