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To the north of the house lies a vast forest area, the Jorat Wood, while on the south side, a wide meadow embraces the horizon and the splendid view of the Alps. What if this little roadmender’s house became an observatory on nature? On clouds and mists? On the local fauna?

By opening the house to the landscape through two observation platforms, new visual relationships inside and outside the house establish the missing link with the landscape and the mountains. In this context, it is first of all a question of perceiving once again the complexity of space as a quality in itself and of enhancing it without loading it with concepts unrelated to architecture.

For each platform, the exterior and interior are in dialogue both functionally and spatially. These platforms, which are attached to the periphery of the house, connect each of the interior spaces with a garden space that has its own pre-existing character. The interior opens up to the outside, to the times of the day, to the lights and to the seasons.



Lausanne, VD