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A new neighborhood meeting the highest environmental standards is taking shape in Chavannes-près-Renens. Nearly 600 housing units are planned in the Hauts de Dorigny area adjacent to the future Campus Santé. Selected following a competitive bidding process, the project calls for the creation of a large number of planted and wooded areas, in which six emblematic buildings will be set. Their facades will be covered with photovoltaic panels to cover a large part of the district’s electricity needs.

The proposal by HRS, in collaboration with architects Bonnard Woeffray in Monthey, Kunik de Morsier in Lausanne and landscape architects MAP, was unanimously recommended by the Evaluation Committee, which included representatives from CPEV, the State of Vaud, the Commune of Chavannes-près-Renens and Retraites Populaires, as well as architects, landscape architects and engineers independent of the project owner.

The evaluation committee particularly appreciated the iconic and original character of this project, composed of six triangular buildings that fit into the landscape of the Hautes Ecoles and integrate harmoniously with the future Campus Santé, developed by the Etat de Vaud.

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