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In this book, the echoes of 1000 ecologies, the eponymous event held in Geneva in 2019, are echoed in images and words. The research carried out by the artists, designers, anthropologists, philosophers and biosemioticians who took part in the event is deployed, like so many scaffoldings arranged to create new possibilities for habitat, relationships and affects. From the intestinal microbiota to the relationship between the Earth and the cosmos, from the migration of trees to the development of territory by Amazonian natives, from the biochemical quality of urban soils to the edible forest, from the Museum of neo-extractivism to imaginary minerals, these ecologies intertwine to decentralize our perception and cultivate our earthly anchorage.

A Thousand Ecologies – Scaffolding Habitat, Relationships, Resistance.
Edited by Anna Barseghian and Stefan Kristensen.

With contributions from: Murat Adash, Emanuela Ascari, Jorge Mena Barreto and Joelson Buggilla, Alan Bogana, Marie Brault – Elena Cogato Lanza – Mathilde Loiseau, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Etcétera, Lucie Eidenbenz, Thomas Ferrand, Amy Franceschini – Futurefarmers, Jean-Christophe Goddard, Hackteria (Temporary Autonomous Laboratory), Kunik de Morsier architectes, Alanna Lynch, Timo Maran, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Yoann Moreau, Marion Neumann, Isabelle Papaloïzos, Raqs Media Collective, Gene Ray, Julie Robiolle, Ulla Taipale, Paulo Tavares, Suzanne Treister, Alexia Turlin et Claude-Hubert Tatot, Marie van Berchem.

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